Betting On Yourself – How to Embrace The “Fool” Archetype To Go After Your Dreams

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Juan M Fernandez

Juan M Fernandez

Life Coach for Athletes

Summary: This post explores how embracing the “fool” archetype can lead to success in pursuing your dreams. It discusses the importance of challenging the status quo and following your inner voice while taking risks and betting on yourself to achieve fulfillment.  4 Minute Read



Embracing The “Fool” Archetype


Last week, I stumbled upon a video of a speech by best-selling author and clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. In his speech, one main idea caught my attention. Peterson talked about a concept developed by Carl Jung: “The fool is the precursor to the savior.” Intrigued, I decided to do some research. Here’s what I found:


In many mythologies and spiritual traditions, the “fool” archetype represents a person who is naive, unconventional, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. The fool is often portrayed as a jester, a trickster, or a wandering pilgrim who follows their own inner voice rather than societal norms. In this context, the “savior” archetype represents a person who brings salvation, redemption, or enlightenment to others.


Why This Idea Resonated with Me

“The fool is the precursor to the savior” means that the unconventional and visionary mindset of the fool is a necessary step toward the transformative actions of the savior. The fool may be ridiculed or dismissed by society, but their outsider perspective allows them to see things that others overlook.


The fool’s willingness to take risks, experiment, and question authority can pave the way for the savior’s message to take hold and inspire change. This concept had a profound impact on me because it came at the right time in my life.


This January, a year after retiring from a long career as a professional athlete, I landed my first-ever “corporate” job. It only lasted six weeks.


Losing that job was a setback. But it was also a wake-up call. I realized I didn’t want to work for anyone else. Instead, I decided to start forging my own path as an entrepreneur. With two small children and a mortgage to pay, this may seem naive and unconventional. But I’m embracing my inner fool.


Take a Chance at Doing What You Love

I took that corporate job in search of certainty and stability, but I failed to realize that such things don’t exist. Even the most conventional and “safe” paths carry their own risks. Just look at those being laid off from their “safe jobs” these days. As comedian and actor Jim Carrey put it, “you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”


Starting my own business is the natural next step for me. It aligns with my values, my vision, and my instincts. Entrepreneurship is not just a career choice but a way of life. It will allow me to be my own boss, take ownership of my destiny, and create something that I can be proud of.


If there’s one thing I truly believe in, it is that you should always be willing to bet on yourself.


Find a Path that Makes Sense to You

My message to you is not to become an entrepreneur. My message to you is to follow your instincts and find time to do the things you love. You have unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that can be invaluable in any career or industry. Take the time to explore your options and connect with others who can offer guidance and support.


“The fool is the precursor to the savior.” Follow your inner voice and let go of society’s norms. As I embark on this new journey as an entrepreneur, I want to encourage others to embrace their inner fool and take the risk of pursuing their dreams. It may not be easy, but I believe it’s worth it.


Never be afraid to step outside the norm and follow your instincts, as the most unconventional paths can often lead to the greatest rewards.

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